For All Who Procrastinate, Get Frustrated or Struggle with Change

This course is for anyone who struggles in any way:

  • with health habits
  • relationships
  • finances
  • discipline & sticking with habits
  • breaking bad habits or old patterns
  • frustrations with other people & resentments
  • our relationship with ourselves
  • anxiety
  • connecting with others
  • creating the work we want
  • creating the life we want

In all these very human struggles, there are some common elements.

This course helps us to get to the root of these common elements.

What’s beneath all of our anxieties about ourselves, our struggles with habits and procrastination?

How can we develop the tools and the mindfulness to work with the root of all of these problems?

In this course, we will:

  • Get two video lessons a week
  • Get a mindfulness exercise for each lesson
  • Work with very powerful tools to unravel our old problems
  • Learn to deal with difficulties and the resistance we often face
  • Learn how to break old patterns and form new ones, to create the life we want
  • We’ll learn to create the habit of contentment
  • Deal with each moment with mindfulness, equanimity & compassion

These tools have helped me to change my entire life — from changing all my habits, helping me to be more mindful and compassionate.

Who Am I?

I’m Leo Babauta, creator of Zen Habits, a blog about mindfulness, simplicity and changing your habits. I changed my entire life, from quitting smoking to losing 70 lbs., from starting running (and eventually running marathons) to eating healthier (now vegan), from decluttering my life to getting out of debt, meditating, writing books and procrastinating less.

I’ve also worked with thousands of people who have struggled, and I know how transformative these practices are. They are not impossible. We can all do this.

What Will We Learn?

This course will include lessons and mindfulness practices on:

  1. The source of all our struggles
  2. How we get “hooked” and how to notice when it happens
  3. Learning to face our feelings with mindfulness & friendliness
  4. Embracing uncertainty
  5. How resistance holds us back, & how to overcome it
  6. Seeing the goodness in ourselves & developing a more loving relationship with ourselves
  7. Finding deeper motivation for all of our life changes
  8. Developing a life of contentment & happiness

How Much of an Investment Is This?

I believe this is a life-changing course, and that if put into practice these tools can transform your life. They’ve changed my life and I’ve helped many others using these ideas.

So I truly believe this course is worth thousands of dollars — getting in good health, finding happiness, changing your habits, getting your finances in shape, overcoming procrastination … these are worth $20,000 or more in my mind. The pathway to these all become possible with the ideas in this course. If you put them into practice.

The key is whether or not you practice, and that part is free. You can practice at home, at work, anywhere. I won’t charge your for the most valuable part of the course.

If you don’t practice, it will be a worthless course. If you do, it will be worth tens of thousands of dollars.

So I’m asking you to invest $199 in your life.

In your health and productivity. In your relationships and personal happiness.

Start taking this course, actually do the exercises, and see this investment pay off 10-100x over the course of the next year or two. I believe in this wholeheartedly.

When Does the Course Run?

The first lesson was released on April 3, 2017 (but you can start anytime) … and the course runs for four weeks.

You’ll get:

  1. Two video lessons a week
  2. Plus a mindfulness training exercise to go with each lesson
  3. The ability to submit questions that Leo will answer

However, if you sign up late, you can still take the course and go at your own pace. There’s no need to start when everyone else starts.

They key to getting the most out of this course is commitment — make it important in your mind, and don’t put off watching the lessons or doing the exercises.

Commit yourself to this practice. In just four weeks, if you actually do the work, you’ll see transformation.

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Bonus Ebooks

In addition to the course, which I believe is already very valuable … I’m offering five bonus ebooks that I’ve written:

1. Zen Habits Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness
2. Essential Zen Habits
3. Little Book of Contentment
4. The One Skill – How Mastering the Art of Letting Go Will Change Your Life
5. Focus: A Simplicity Manifesto in the Age of Distraction

This is about a $30-40 value (a couple of these books aren’t for sale anymore), but honestly I think if applied, they could help you change your life.

Ask Questions, Have Them Answered

In addition to the video lessons and exercises, I’m creating a Facebook group for discussion among participants, as well as the ability to submit questions about your particular struggle.

I’m going to do my best to answer most or all questions in articles and videos that I’ll publish during the course.

In answering these questions, I’ll be customizing the course for you. And I think we can all benefit from a discussion of specific applications of these mindfulness ideas.

I hope you’ll join me.

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A course from Leo Babauta of Zen Habits